Wow, we can’t believe we’ve actually been blogging officially for a month now. It’s been a long time coming! We’d like to share with you our report from our first month including the highs, the lows and our goals for the next month. Here’s our first month of blogging report.

Stats from our first month of blogging

  • 3,100+ Page views

  • 1,200+ Unique Visitors

  • 1,100+ Twitter followers

  • 200+ Facebook likes

  • 1,200+ Instagram followers

  • 600+ Pinterest followers

  • 12 Blog Posts

  • 171 Blog Comments

Yes you read that right. We managed to reach over 3,000 page views in our first month. We’re absolutely over the moon and completely smashed our goals. It’s incredible to read these stats in a first month blogging report!

Social Media


Our social media accounts have been increasing nicely. We set up Instagram first back in June 2018 and gained 1,000 followers within our 6 weeks. However since then it’s been a bit of a slog to increase it and to be honest we have gotten a little lazy with it. Most of you will know that unless you’re consistent with IG and post most days then your following will start to decrease.


Again we set up our Twitter account before we started officially blogging at the end of June. We somewhat neglected it for 2 months which was a big mistake! The blogging community on Twitter has been really supportive and we wished we’d gotten more active sooner. When we posted our first blog post on 20th August our twitter followers stood at 125. Now it’s grown by over 1,000!


Facebook has been slow to build up but we’re happy with the over 200 likes we have currently. We’ve started experimenting with ads to get our posts to reach more people but it seems like you need to spend a lot.


Pinterest we sort of neglected too until we realised how much traffic you can generate from it. Our monthly reach has gone from 500 to over 25,000! It’s boosted our blog traffic enormously.

HOW TO GO FROM 0 TO 3,000 VIEWS IN A MONTH pinterest blogging report
First Month Blogging Report

Top 5 Posts

  1. Travelling as a couple (part 1)
  2. 23 Best travel couples quotes to live by
  3. How to deal with conflict whilst travelling (our first post)
  4. Best romantic islands in the world
  5. Travel couples interview on the truth about travel (Part 2)


  • A month ago we never could have imagined our blog would be doing this well already. It’s been a real boost and has taught us that we must be doing something right.

  • Social media has definitely been a big key to our success. Most of our traffic comes from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

  • Being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award (thought we’d slip that one in there). We’ll be posting about what this award is in the coming week.


  • Staying motivated and consistent. We try to post at least twice a week but sometimes this is hard! This coming month we need to be especially consistent as we’ll be travelling for 2 weeks during that time.

  • We can be a little hard on ourselves and want our posts to be perfect. We’re still discovering our voice though so this will come with time.

Goals for our 2nd month blogging

  • 4,000 page views

  • 1,800 unique visitors

  • 2,000 followers on Twitter

  • 1,200 followers on Pinterest

  • 24 Blog posts (we’ll be attempting Blogtober)

Thank you

We’d like to say thanks to each and every one of our readers and supporters. Whether you’ve subscribed to our blog or left us a kind comment we really appreciate the support.

Finally, you can find all of our social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

How did your first month of blogging go? We’d really love to hear how it went. Let us know in the comments below! If you have a blogging report we’d love to read it too.

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