Even the most seasoned travellers can be the ones bound for the airport bar before a flight to ease travel nerves. Pre-travel stress can be serious. In the most severe cases it can cause people to avoid travelling alltogther rather than put themselves through the stress of it.

Although we normally associate travel-related anxiety with flying, it can be caused by a number of other factors too. Such as leaving home, financial issues, and even planning the trip itself. We’ve made a list of six of our best tips to help you ease nerves before your trip, regardless of the cause.

flying can cause travel anxiety and pre-travel stress
Flying can cause travel anxiety and pre-travel stress in many

1. Find the root of the issue

Travel anxiety can be a serious condition not to brush off lightly. It can cause sufferers to feel depressed and progressively anxious leading up to the time before travelling. The symptoms of severe anxiety include (but are not limited to) nausea, a tight chest, panic attacks and breathlessness.

If you suffer from these symptoms, a visit to your GP to look into the underlying causes and run through some calming techniques might help.

2. Look after your health

If you are prone to stress before travelling, make sure you’re in the best health you can be in the days before you travel. Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly. Neglecting your basic needs will only magnify the effects of stress.

3. Make a checklist

checklist can help pre-travel stress
To-do lists are our favourite!

A lot of the stress you feel before travel might come from planning the trip. A to-do list will act as a visual representation of the tasks you have outstanding before you leave. You can also create a list of the activities you want to do on your trip. This will ease the stress of having to remember everything and help you decide how to plan your days.

4. Combat safety-based stress

Safety is often top of our travel concerns. Even when travelling to the safest destinations, our minds wander to what could happen. Usually the statistical chances of our fears happening are thankfully very low.

However, taking measures like ensuring you’re adequately covered in terms of travel insurance will help to ease the worry. A stay in a US hospital can cost $30,000, for example. So making sure you have insurance means you won’t have to deal with large, unwanted medical bills.

5. Practice yoga

yoga mat pre-travel stress
Practicing yoga can calm pre-travel stress

Yoga and meditation are an easy and free way to manage stress levels. Pick a morning yoga routine and make it a part of your daily life in the run up to your trip.

Personally I like to practice yoga whenever I can. I’ve found some brilliant online classes and have even spotted a yoga room at an airport! If that’s not a good enough reason to make it a part of your stress relief then I don’t know what is.

6. Give yourself time to research

If not feeling ready is adding to your anxiety, allowing yourself time to prepare should be your biggest priority. Set aside time to completely immerse yourself in researching and preparing for your trip. Take notes, print out anything you might need and keep it organised in a folder for your reference.

Pre-travel stress tips

Combatting pre-travel stress can be eased by taking the time to break down the causes. Once you have done that, you can begin with simple ways to help treat them.

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What are some of the ways you combat pre-travel stress? Have you tried any of the tips mentioned already? Let us know is in the comments below.

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