The first holiday with a partner is supposed to be romantic, exciting and can prove whether you truly are compatible. You think about it at least once per day after you book the flights and run a million different scenarios through your head. But what really happens on your first couples holiday together?

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Wonder if they’re having a good time

You know they enjoy your company and you like most of the same things but for some reason you can’t help wondering if your partner is having a good time. It’s a silly thought and you soon forget about it, after all, it’s hard not to when they’re grinning from ear to ear.

If they’ve been on a couple’s holiday before, it’s natural to worry about whether they are making comparisons. You realise early on though that the past is the past for a reason. They chose to be here with you and the more unique memories you make, the stronger you feel. It’s only your first couples holiday together but hopefully they’ll be many more to come.

One of you becomes ‘team leader’

Somewhere along the way you ended up having one bag between the two of you. You’ve even started picking up after them and have a checklist of things your partner might need whilst you’re out and about.

When it comes to travelling around or checking opening times one of you is on the ball and has the answers to hand straight away. They’re the one who says, “let’s eat here tonight” and keeps finding new things to do too. It’s not that they’re in charge, but chances are they enjoy the planning and seeing your face when they’ve made another excellent choice. For us, I become the chief planner and organiser while Law will check that I’ve done everything correctly. I’ve been known to make a mistake on flight and hotel reservations on more than one occasion so it helps to have someone else to double check the details.

Feeling like you’re married – or at least grown up

This might even start as a joke when a reservation is only under one of your names, or the lady on check-in calls you Mister and Missus. After the initial freeze of “haha I’m not freaked out, you’re freaked out” it actually seems kind of cute. When you meet new people they know you’re together and almost expect you to finish each other’s sentences.

Being away from the safety of home makes you feel grown up; here you are braving this new world, doing things for yourselves and generally doing okay. There’s no one to tell you what to do and you get to be in charge of what you do and when. If you can handle this level of adulting on your first couples holiday together, you can handle anything!

The Truth about your First Couples Holiday

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Getting more intimate

Whether you usually live together or apart, being on holiday lets you be yourself with no strings attached. Without having to worry about getting up for work you get to focus on each other. Having your partner all to yourself lets you talk about things that don’t usually come up back home. Chances are you’ve learnt something new about them – the way they think and feel, as well as how they want their life to go.

You might have imagined a million different futures in which you set up a little cafe or spend your days away on an exotic deserted island. These imagined futures help you build a stronger bond and you realise that this is going to work in the long run after this first couples holiday is over. There’s definitely a place for you in their life and vice versa.

You’ve probably become more romantic too. A holiday is like a series of dates and the perfect opportunity to get closer in more ways than one. Personal displays of affection are as natural as breathing now. Travelling together has been known to boost your sex life.

Walk before you can run

The idea of jetting around the world together can be very appealing. But planning a year-long backpacking trip is not a wise choice for a couple who haven’t travelled together before. It’s important to learn your partner’s travelling style and find a way where you can both work together. This is important before you try to tackle something more challenging.

Conventional holidays let you learn how your partner sees travel. Even if you’re on the same page, problems can and do arise. How do you handle booking errors? What do you do when your partner walks at their own pace and doesn’t wait for you to catch up? We don’t like to think about holidays as having problems, but if you handle them well, then they won’t. That first couples holiday is about confirming that you are compatible travel companions.

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Starting small is a great way to enjoy your time together and minimises any unexpected clashes in personality or behaviour. Organising a weekend away to somewhere in the same country is a classic starter move. However, it’s almost as easy to have a weekend city break somewhere in Europe nowadays.

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Build your way up to longer amounts of time and more difficult situations. It doesn’t mean your first couples holiday together isn’t going to be epic. It just means having more of them in the future!

The Truth about your First Couples Holiday

Where did you go on your first couples holiday? Was it everything you imagined it would be? Let us know in the comments section below.


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