Want to ignite some lust and passion into your relationship? Travelling with your lover is the ultimate way to enhance your sex life. You may be heading off on a spontaneous weekend trip or an extended getaway with your loved one. Either way sex while travelling can help to inject some much needed romance into your partnership.

The Science

It’s already well documented that travel improves the mind, but did you know that it also boosts your libido too? Researchers have discovered couples who travel together improve their sex life and are better satisfied with their relationship. Three-quarters of respondents who travel together reported having a good sex life. Moreover, half stated being more intimate with their partner is an important reason to holiday together.

Travel offers couples new opportunities to have fun. When you’re exploring different cultures, foods, and activities, your mind is often more open to trying other new things. Couples travelling together are more likely to feel up for a sexual adventure when they take a break from their usual routines. It also strengthens your special love bond and at the same time improves communication with your partner. Your relationship can receive some serious TLC just by having sex while travelling.

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The Compatibility Test

Getting away from the stress of everyday life boosts your chances of enjoying bedroom activity with your partner. Whilst travelling together you’ll be spending an extended period of time together. Which for a lot of busy couples can be a rarity. This is the person you usually have to schedule a date night with to spend some quality time together. Throw children into the mix and you already maximise the time you usually have available for intimacy.

Whether you’ve been together for six months or six years, travel offers couples an opportunity to tune into one another. How you handle the unexpected challenges travel can often present you with is a test of your resourcefulness. How you deal with conflict as a couple is a true test of your compatibility and resilience.

Having sex while travelling is an excellent use of the quality time you have together. It can improve your relationship and intimacy with your partner. However, if steamy holiday sex is the only thing that you have in common, it might be time to work on other aspects of the relationship once you get back home.

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Sex While Travelling is The Spice Of Life

It’s common to fall into a sexual slump if you’ve been together for a while or you’re too busy to experiment in the bedroom. Travel alters your environment and encourages you to be more daring and adventurous. Having an opportunity to try out new experiences is one of the major draws of travelling abroad. Or you may want to go somewhere closer to home that you’ve never visited before. The novelty of a new environment can help to loosen inhibitions and get those sexual juices flowing. Spicing up your sex life on holiday can give you a new perspective on your lover and relationship.

Your travel destination can be the romantic inspiration that your bedroom activity has been lacking. Couples are more likely to experiment by having sex in different locations when they’re away from their comfort zone. Have you always wanted to be intimate on a hotel balcony? Or perhaps a secluded beach is more your style? Now’s the time to experiment with different locations when you have sex whilst travelling. You may have been too shy to try these at home, but travel gives you anonymity. If you get caught, chances are you won’t ever see these people again.

One of the benefits of Adults only hotels is to provide a child-free environment and a relaxed experience. They usually have all the facilities you need to enhance your sex life. It makes sense to take advantage of the chilled champagne and hot tub on offer to get you in the mood for seductive romance. Need help choosing the best destination as a couple? Here’s how.

Beyond Sexual Boundaries

Travelling together helps you understand the relationship dynamics. Complementary and contrasting personality traits are often highlighted when you’re away. Having the space and time to tune into each other can be something of an eye opener. This is especially true if you usually spend limited time together. Besides making you more adventurous in your choices, travel can help to boost couple confidence. Doing everyday things together and trying new experiences can lead to a more fulfilling love life.

As you navigate your way through a bustling, noisy market, or hike up to the summit of a mountain, you’re likely to see your partner with fresh eyes. Travelling together will remind you about the things that you love and treasure about your partner and relationship. The enhanced intimate connection will show how well you work together as a team, and can help to establish a renewed sense of commitment. Sex while travelling not only boosts your sex life but also helps the other aspects of your relationship too!

6 Sexy Reasons To Book That Romantic Getaway Today

  1. Swap the boredom of regular routines for sexual adventures in the bedroom
  2.  Get inspiration from your romantic destination (choose from the famous love capitals of the world to the exotic destinations off the beaten track)
  3. Get to know your lover all over again
  4.  Experience new things together and appreciate your differences
  5.  ‘Lose’ yourself in a foreign land and rediscover your innate sexuality
  6. Renew your love commitment by having sex while travelling


travelling together is good for your sex life