Travelling as a couple is great. You always have a travel companion to go on the next adventure with. But what if you want to travel solo too? Can you even travel solo whilst you have a partner? Here we list the benefits of solo travel in a relationship.

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You get some ‘me’ time

Law and I have been inseparable ever since we moved in together. That was in 2016 – and since then we’ve spent almost every day with each other. As much as we love each other’s company, living together can be hard. The mundane everyday tasks soon catches up and before we know it, we’re arguing over why Law left his dinner plate on the table! Who said cohabiting was easy eh?

Every once in a while we need a break. A moment to be alone and have that special ‘me’ time. Every so often I find myself retreating to our bedroom to read a book or spending a relaxing evening in the bath tub. A solo trip gives you extended alone time. It’s the perfect excuse to not feel guilty over taking so much needed time for yourself. It may be all you need is a weekend away, or perhaps a week or even a month backpacking is more your thing. No matter the length of trip, solo travel in a relationship gives you freedom to do as you please.

You’re the boss

If you’re like us, with different travel styles to one another, you’ll know that choosing travel destinations isn’t always easy. One of you may have their eye on a luxury spa retreat. Whereas the other would sooner be on top of a mountain. With solo travel you’re in the charge. You get to pick exactly where you want to go and what you want to see.

Want to book a luxury resort in Bali? It’s done! Want to experience Mongolia like the nomads? Go for it! You can see and explore the destinations you’ve always wanted without having to worry about your partner hating it. The last thing you want on your holiday is arguments and disappointment. If this sounds like you though, check out how to deal with conflict whilst travelling.

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It’ll Strengthen your relationship

You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder! It’s true that you’ll miss your partner after spending some time apart. It will only make your relationship stronger for it though. Remember back when your relationship was fresh and new and you couldn’t wait to see your partner next? You got butterflies just thinking about the next meeting. Well after taking a solo trip in your relationship you’ll look at your partner with fresh eyes again.

Not only will it help strengthen your emotional connection with your loved one, but it will also help your sex life too! There’s nothing better than spending some quality physical time with your partner after a long time apart. You’ll get to reconnect your bodies in ways you can’t forget. Did you know travelling together can also boost your sex life though?

Break out of your comfort zone

When you travel solo there’s no-one else to keep you company. As we both can be shy, it’s difficult to make friends when we travel together. Neither of us like to start conversations so we tend to stick by ourselves. Without Law around, I’m much more outgoing. I’ll talk to strangers in restaurants, hotels and at attractions. I find it really easy to talk with others when I’m out of my comfort zone which is exactly what solo travel does.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – Neale Donald Walsch 

It helps to face your fears. You may feel uneasy and uncertain when your partner isn’t around, but it will make the journey that much better. You’ll grow as a person by figuring out challenges by yourself. Does your partner always make the travel plans and you just turn up at the airport with passport in hand? Does the thought of travelling solo make your anxious? Once you’ve conquered your fears you’ll no doubt be left wondering why you thought it was difficult to begin with. Why the magic happens when your step out of your comfort zone? Solo travel is the ultimate fear conquered.